Cactus Wong


Consultant (Licensed)

Cactus has over twenty years of management experience. He had played important roles in training and administration in some of the listed companies in Hong Kong and Singapore. He was also engaged in one of the global top five financial companies in which he received International Quality Award (IQA) and numerous awards. He was invited to attend overseas conferences in several countries, specializes in the establishment of management philosophy and corporate culture. He has a wide and deep knowledge of Eastern and Western studies of behavior psychology and five thousand years of Chinese culture as well as wisdom of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. He presents those concepts in a digestible way with application example. Audience can always get new insights and apply in their daily work.

Cactus strongly believes in the spirit of “Just as you would like to establish yourself in the world, so allow others to establish themselves. Just as you seek to understand things, so allow others the same opportunity”. He devotes wholeheartedly to the training professions in developing people. He has conducted different kinds of seminars, public workshops and corporate training for over twenty years. He puts strong emphasis on teaching how to apply knowledge in practice. Mindset enhancement is the core of his curriculum, it is widely used in the decision-making, sales and marketing, customer service and other organizational management.

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