Privacy Policy

Tiptop Consultants Pte Ltd (“Tiptop”) is committed to provide protection and endeavours to keep any personal data received by Tiptop in strict confidence. Hence, Tiptop makes sure that the policies in relation to the collection, use, retention and maintenance of personal data comply with the requirement of Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA). The following policies on privacy are applicable to all websites directly operated by Tiptop.

User is requested to read this privacy statement carefully so as to ensure that you understand how Tiptop handles user’s personal data when user is using Tiptop website and the services in connection therewith.  If user continues to use Tiptop website, it represents user’s acceptance to the liability and policies listed hereunder. Tiptop may amend, vary or add to the policies at any time without notice to you. User is requested to check Tiptop website regularly for the relevant policies. If user continues to use Tiptop website after the amendment of the policies, it is deemed that user accepts the relevant amendment/variation.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

    1. Tiptop mainly collects and keeps user’s personal data in the situations that user registers as a Tiptop member or when user conducts on-line registration at the “Public Workshops” or “Seminars” through Tiptop website.
    2. Tiptop will not sell, trade or disclose user’s personal data to any third parties without the user’s prior consent or notice to the user. Only authorized staff of Tiptop can access to user’s personal information for administrative purposes.  Tiptop may have to disclose such information in compliance with legal requirement of governmental agencies or otherwise where disclosure is required by operation of law.
    3. Data collected in the process of on-line registration will be added to Tiptop’s proprietary data base for statistical and data analysis. The user’s personally identifiable particulars will not be revealed. Tiptop is the owner and proprietor of the results generated from such statistical analysis.
    4. Tiptop may use user’s data, such as e-mail address or contact address, to introduce or communicate to the user regarding Tiptop’s services, events or functions.

Whenever user logs on to the Tiptop website, Tiptop’s network servers will automatically verify the domain name and IP address. Tiptop shall reserve the right to use such data for visitor flow statistical and data analysis.

Security of Collected Data

    1. When user visits Tiptop website, Tiptop will record the user’s visit only but not the user’s personal particular unless otherwise stated.
    2. All personal data that user provides to Tiptop is secured on Tiptop website with restricted access by authorized personnel only.
    3. After user registers as a Tiptop member, member shall create his/her own password thus he/she can have accessing right to add, amend and store member’s personal data on Tiptop website. Tiptop reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any data submitted by member.
    4. Tiptop’s system shall ensure that access to personal data is only permitted by using such password.
    5. Member is responsible for maintaining the security of such password and not to reveal the password to any third parties.
    6. Member should avoid storing such password in the computer hard disk, and member must close the browser window immediately after logging out so as to prevent the leakage of personal data.

Although Tiptop undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal data stored in the system of Tiptop and take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality, Tiptop does not warrant the safety and security of data transmission. In the event that member becomes aware of any unauthorized disclosure of member personal data, please contact Tiptop immediately.


    1. When user visits Tiptop website, Tiptop will record and trace the relevant data containing user’s browsing preferences (i.e. ‘cookies’), so that the website will be displayed according to the user’s viewing habits.

User may refuse to accept cookies, but such acts may interfere with user’s ability to use some of the functions on Tiptop website.

Copyright & Disclaimer

      1. All contents contained on website of Tiptop Consultants Pte Ltd. (“Tiptop”), including but not limiting to all texts, images, videos, graphics, photos, logos, codes, trademarks, icons and compilations thereof and all intellectual property rights thereto, produced or licensed for use by Tiptop are the properties or licensed properties of Tiptop.
      2. User agrees to comply with all intellectual property laws and is not allowed to copy, reproduce, modify, exploit, post, publish or broadcast any content from Tiptop website or create any hyperlink to any portion of Tiptop website without prior written consent of Tiptop.
      3. Unless otherwise expressly stated, user is obligated not to store personal data derived from Tiptop website. Access or attempt to access any other member’s information is prohibited.
      4. User should not take advantage of the information contained on Tiptop website for any unlawful, improper or defamatory purpose.
      5. User should not infringe any security measure for protection of intellectual property rights by using of hackers’ tools.
      6. Tiptop website may contain information provided by third parties or links to other websites. Tiptop accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any such third party information or the contents of other websites.

    User should not link Tiptop’s website to any other website without prior written consent of Tiptop. Tiptop reserves the right to require the removal of such connections from other websites.

General Disclaimer

      1. Whenever user browses website of Tiptop Consultants Pte Ltd. (“Tiptop”) or utilizes the services provided by Tiptop, Tiptop will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from or in connection with browsing or using the Tiptop website.
      2. Tiptop does not take responsibility in relation to the quality, use, timeliness or suitability of information contained on Tiptop website.
      3. Although Tiptop endeavours to provide and maintain the accuracy and the completeness of the contents of Tiptop website, Tiptop does not represent and warrant that the contents are accurate and up-to-date. Tiptop shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions from the contents or information contained on Tiptop website, and shall not be liable for any losses and damages arising therefrom.

    Tiptop website may contain information provided by third parties or link to other websites. Tiptop makes no representation to the accuracy of completeness of other information contained on other websites.

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