Calvin Klein Singapore

Ms. Gina Goh

General Manager

“It is always a privilege and pleasure to work with Tiptop Consultants especially with Noel. Noel’s passion, energy and enthusiasm are certainly contagious. Not only does he has a wealth of experience, he is able to so cleverly use that to engage the audience and relate so appropriately. I can only say the response from the participants in my past and present companies is unanimous; excellent trainer and presenter. More importantly, he made a positive impact to the team, to all of us! Thank you Noel for consistently delivering beyond my expectation!”

Centurion Corporation Limited

Mr. Terence Lee

Group Sales and Marketing Manager

“Noel Capel, our Consultant-in-Charge, has laid a great foundation for us to create a strong service excellence culture. He had done a great job in helping our staff to know that Excellent Service is doable and possible. His superb ability to engage and communicate with trainees of all levels made the training and role plays fun and effective; and helped the frontline staff know how to immediately apply what was taught at their respective offices or sites. We look forward to engaging him again to continue this journey with us.“

Air Astana

Ms. Yevgeniya Ni

Vice President HR and Administration

“The syllabus has been developed based on Air Astana’s needs and without any delays. Mr. Noel Capel as a trainer uses very clear manner of explanations, understandable and effective approach. He can easily demonstrate a friendly, respectful and helpful attitude to training participants.“

FOCUS Network Agencies (S) Pte Ltd

Mr. Paul Loo Lip Giam

Group CEO

“We are thankful and honoured to have engaged Tiptop Consultants in our journey for service excellence. We are impressed by Noel’s natural entrepreneurial instincts and business acumen as he constantly provided us with fresh and relevant insights of the customer engagement and sales process. Noel and his team were able to connect with our staff through lively and interactive coaching delivery and motivated them towards uplifting our service standards and enhancing the overall shopping experience for our customers. Excellent works! Keep it up! Cheers!”

Redina Trading Pte Ltd.

Ms. Catherine Lim

General Manager

“In Redina’s Hush Puppies Apparel Singapore: We believe customer service is the key to unlock the potential of our frontline staff to better serve all walk-in GUESTS in our stores. To achieve that, we worked with a reputable consulting company, TIPTOP CONSULTANTS, to train and equip our frontline staff to a greater height. Noel Capel and his TIPTOP team were able to used experiential teaching with effective methodology training to impact our frontline staff to improve. Thanks for all the efforts!”

 Stellar Entertainment

Michael Reilly

Ex-Chief Operation Officer

“Noel is an engaging and insightful presenter. I've attended his workshops and have always learnt something about my work: methods, communication and other key areas of daily workplace life. Noel's ideas and execution on how to improve teamwork, planning and delivery is a real motivator and I'd recommend any company and its team members to work with Noel to improve internal communications and efficiencies.”

Good Shepherd Kindergartens & Nurseries Malaysia

Anne Emmanuel


“Noel has been working with the Good Shepherd Kindergartens & Nurseries in Malaysia for many years. So closely, in fact, that all we need to do is to give him a germ of an idea of our objective and Noel can customise the programme to exactly what we need. From that foundation, it is a simple task to follow through with the learning points. This stems from his work with us for the Vision, Mission and Core Values. He was instrumental in developing the vision and has been helping us sustain the values and drive the mission. His close association with the Good Shepherd group has given him an innate ability to understand our needs and speak our language. Noel is a gifted facilitator and his sessions are truly participant-centred, keeping everyone thoroughly engaged. His relaxed personality allows everyone to let go of inhibitions and ‘live the moment’. We are grateful for the gift of Noel as a resource person and blessed that he is a Good Shepherd friend.”

Kwong Ngee Engineering Pte Ltd

Ms. Sim Seow Hoong

Group Manager, Service Support, Finance & HR

“We enjoyed the talk conducted by Mr. Noel! We are amazed by the way he is able to relate the topic to safety. Our staff liked the activities and games during the talk which makes it interesting, and they are able to understand easily.”

BIC Product (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Mr. Derek Lim

Sales & Marketing Director

“TIPTOP CONSULTANTS came highly recommended to us and since the start of our partnership, we’ve seen a marked improvement in service levels (and more importantly, sales!) for a key segment of our business. Noel is definitely at the top of his game and with numerous years of experience in this field to his credit, he provides fresh and relevant insights of the customer and the entire sales process. His ability to connect with audiences of all levels and through a lively and interactive delivery, leaves the team engaged and empowered to make a difference. For organizations with front-line teams, this is definitely an element of your business that should not be neglected!”

Eu Yan Sang (S) Pte Ltd

Mr. Vincent Lim

Ex-Managing Director

“The Customer Service Program provided by Tiptop Consultants has not only provided our frontline sales staff a whole new level of service excellence but has also inculcated a good service mindset and culture amongst them. Noel and his dedicated team have been an important factor towards the uplifting of our service standards and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Thanks to Noel & his team!”

Select Group Limited

Mr. Lai Chin Kwang


“We are proud and honoured to be Tiptop’s Partner, and more important, Noel’s honourable disciples.”

Cash Converters

Mr. Jeremy Taylor

Managing Director

“We engaged Tiptop to help us change the way our employees viewed, embraced and conducted their customer service. This was combined with a Mystery shopper programme that helped us monitor our progress. The journey from management alignment to reinforcing our vision, mission statement and values and then on to a comprehensive makeover of our customer service was thorough and rewarding. Noel went to great lengths to connect with all our staff and really understand our business. His enthusiasm and his passion for service excellence were infectious and helped our company achieve real progress in this area.”

FairPrice Training Institute

Mr. Kao Beng Lee


“FairPrice engaged Tiptop Consultants in 2007 as part of our ongoing Customer-Centric Initiatives and journey for service excellence. The coaching and on-the-job training approach adopted by the consultant has helped FairPrice to reinforce our service standards.”

Metro Private Limited

Mr Edward Tan

Ex-Director, HR & Admin and Operations

“A training program that is practical and can be put into use immediately! It has helped shaped the service culture in our company. The dedication and commitment by Noel and his team truly demonstrated the essence of ‘Service Excellence.“

Marymount Centre

Ms. Tan Poh Cheng

Executive Director

“Noel has helped us to have a better understanding of our mission and his hands-on sessions have been interesting, thought provoking and effective in helping our staff understand our core values. The “Moments of Truth” in particular were helpful in creating more awareness among the staff with regard to our service delivery and shaping our corporate culture. The sessions have helped our team to align to our vision and core values. Noel’s eloquence, professionalism and sincerity make him an inspiring trainer. He is humble, responsible and reliable. I would like to thank him for his time, enthusiasm, interest in helping our organization grow. “

Poh Heng Jewellery Pte Ltd

Mr. Mah Boon Ei

Human Resource Manager

“It is our pleasure to record our appreciation to Tiptop Consultants for the effective, professional and holistic approach in conducting the Service Enhancement Programme. Mr. Titus Ng, the consultant in-charge, established strong rapport with all our staff. His bubbly personality, his grasp of the intricacies of our trade and his excellent coaching skill, were by and large, the reason why our front-line staff felt so enthusiastic, motivated and committed to practicing what they learnt from the programme. We have found the programme rewarding as shown by the significant progress in terms of the margin of improvement achieved towards a higher standard of customer service. We are thoroughly satisfied with Tiptop’s performance and would warmly congratulate them for a job done exceedingly well.”

tcc – the connoisseur concerto

Sarika Connoisseur Café Pte Ltd

Ms. Abbey Chang

AVP, Business DevelopmentAVP, Business Development

“We believe simply in results. Since our service crew started attending service quality courses by Tiptop Consultants Pte Ltd, the commendation letters received have evidently increased, not only from local customers but also from tourists of different parts of the world. It is wonderful that tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto has found a training provider that is helpful and effective. Special thanks to Noel and his team’s excellent effort and professional expertise.”

C.K. Tang Ltd

Mr. Tang Wee Sung


“Our frontline staff have benefited greatly from Tiptop's total approach in Service Excellence training. Noel's modular classroom training coupled with field coaching resulted in significant improvements in our service standards. This is borne out by our improvement of 58% in our compliment-to-complaint ratio after the programme. Noel Capel is a dedicated and patient trainer who connected well with all staff throughout the training programme.“

TianPo Jewellery

Mr. Joseph Hong

General Manager

“We have a partner that not only caters to our current needs but due to the ever changing business conditions, they are able to articulate and implement new and innovative programme that are cutting-edge and forward looking. We are glad to be offering something different to our customers and from our competition. We are even more glad to have Tiptop with us…thank you, Noel.”

Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery (S) Pte Ltd

Mr. Koh Wee Seng

Chief Executive

“The programme played a central role in the quantum leaps in service standards of our people. A charismatic and inspiring speaker – that’s Noel.”

Republic Polytechnic

Mr. Christopher Thomas

Academic Staff

“As part of our efforts to invite established industry stalwarts to share and value add to our students, we were looking for that special somebody who could share some valuable insights into being a skilled service champion. Noel Capel was a name that kept popping up and seemed synonymous to service. After contacting him, he had graciously agreed to come and share with our cohort of about 70 Diploma in Customer Relationship & Service Management (DCRSM) final year student. Noel obviously is at the top of his game. The way he mingled with the students, got them excited and participative was indeed a testimony to the years of tacit knowledge and experience acquired. The students enjoyed the talk and had learnt so much. They could relate to what was being mentioned, to what had been learned in various modules and could piece the pieces together to form a larger perspective of the booming service industry, Students even requested for the wonderful slides showed for the presentation and they were even eager to take photos with Noel. It was an excellent talk and one of the best I had witnessed. Noel is truly a skilled service champion and I would certainly recommend him.”

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.

Ms. Nancy Chang

Manager, Directory & Service Restoration

Consumer Sales Group

“We engaged Tiptop Consultants to train our frontliners at Service 1608 on how to provide excellent customer service over the telephone. Mr. Noel Capel did a great job in motivating our staff. He showed them ways to attend to customers when they report problems. He used relevant examples and practical methods to bring across the message of service excellence. Staff morale and teamwork have definitely improved. There is now a greater awareness of the need to provide excellent customer service. “

Good Shepherd Sisters, Province of Singapore-Malaysia

Sr. Susan Chia

Province Leader

“The personality of Noel and his skilful facilitation has been instrumental in the corporate restructuring of the welfare services and kindergartens of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the Province of Singapore-Malaysia. His excellent teambuilding sessions have led the organisation to develop a common corporate statement on the Good Shepherd Vision, Mission and Core Values. The resultant synergy of being “Together in Mission” has opened doors to new expressions of services, enabling us to reach out to more people in need. Noel is indeed a Good Shepherd Mission Partner!”

Mobil Oil Singapore Pte Ltd.

Mr. Wong Suan

Marketing Services Manager

“Noel and the team from Tiptop Consultants have provided us with exemplary consultative services in helping us build our service culture. The customized Service Excellence Programme was practical, comprehensive and relevant to our staff. This was further reinforced with on-the-job coaching, which helped staff put into practice what they learned, and deliver a higher level of customer service. The result – better communication and eventual achievement of long term win-win partnerships with our customers.“

PT Gold Martindo (Prima Gold, Gold Mart)

Mr. Johnny Salmon

Managing Director

“As a major diamond and gold jewellery chain store in Indonesia, we want to be the best in service delivery. We found TIPTOP to be the right consultant to help us achieve this goal. Although some people think we don't need service training, we have gone ahead to train our front-line staff. Using effective training methodologies and analogies, Noel Capel and his team have significantly improved our service quality and selling skills. This proves that we have made the right decision!“

Red White & Pure Ltd

“Noel helped us at Red White & Pure’s team building, and led 3-days boot camp. The camp participants were from senior managements to junior sales staff, which assignment for him was definitely challenging. Result was truly amazing! Everyone of us acquired strong sense of teamwork, respect to co-workers and shared vision throughout 3-days experience. The team building exercise was extremely successful. His role being a catalyst, strong leadership and skilful facilitation made things happen.“

Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd.

“Tiptop has been a real catalyst in generating a new spirit in our entire team, from front-line staff to management. With effective methodology, positively and the use of simple analogies, Betsy Lai and Noel Capel have helped us go two steps further towards service excellence. I would recommend Tiptop with no hesitation - except to our competitors! “

Goldheart Jewelry Pte Ltd.

“After Tiptop’s Quality Service consulting and training, we feel wonderful. Noel’s dedication in providing our sales force with the best possible training has paid off. There is a marked improvement in morale among our sales staff. Sales revenues increased immediately after completion of the Quality Service program.”

Singapore Post Pte Ltd.

“After attending the Service Excellence Programme, our Customer Service Officers and Branch Managers have shown a better grasp of skills and techniques in providing excellent customer service. This is evidenced by the increased number of commendation letters and the significant improvement in the results of the Customer Opinion Performance Survey.“

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