Focus Group Discussion

Tiptop’s focus group discussion helps you gather deep insight, opinions, and perspectives from customers and employees, forming the strategies and direction that fits.

Online Focus Group

  • Using platforms like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams
  • Not constrained by geographical location
  • Not necessary to gather participants in a same physical setting
  • Professional facilitator to lead online discussion

On-site Focus Group

  • Easily accessible venue options with one-way mirror facilities to see the entire process
  • Face-to-face interaction

Customer-related Themes

  • Brand impression and positioning
  • Buying behaviors and habits
  • Service / Product expectation improvements

Employee-related Themes

  • Existing or new company policies
  • Employee development and career path
  • Employee loyalty

Why Tiptop?

  • Professional moderator-partners who can probe the genuine thoughts and viewpoints from participants

  • Large participant network so you can gather insights from your target audience

  • Customized execution plan, whether online or offline

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