Total Service Management Model™

For a brand to grow stronger and be distinctive, high quality products alone will not suffice.  What is important is to build a raving fan base, inspire customer loyalty and encourage repeat businesses through extraordinary service experience.

We all know that enhancing customer experience is not a one-person’s job, and requires the cooperation and execution of the entire organization.

Total Service Management is imperative as it applies an organizational development approach to build the team-of-teams for service excellence in five steps:

  • Ascertain

  • Assess

  • Align

  • Acquire

  • Apply

  • Customer Voice

  • Service Management

  • Setting up Reinforcement Team

  • Management Alignment

  • Leadership Training Programme

  • Frontline Training Programme

  • Internal Training Programme

  • System Installation



“Know thy customers, Know thyself”.


Tiptop helps you understand your service quality through Mystery Shopping and listen to the voice of your customers through Focus Groups discussions and Customer Research.  Every individual in the organisation must translate these findings into their daily work as such intelligence helps you to determine customers’ expectations, identify gaps to close and improve on and to elevate your competencies. This will not only provide a delightful customer experience but also form a tangible link with your customers and keep them feeling engaged.



Service enhancement is all about team effort and not based on a single individual act. Through management alignment sessions and service reinforcement teams, Tiptop helps to cultivate collaboration among inter-departments in identifying common themes that embodies your brand.  The inter-departments then work towards the common goal of improving key qualities in creating extraordinary customer experience.



Equipping everyone in the organization with the right mindset and skillsets is crucial to the success of service enhancement. Tiptop’s consultants deliver motivating, highly interactive, and practical learning experience and knowledge transfer to store managers, frontline staff, and back-office support team to prepare them for the journey ahead.



An organisation’s brand is a promise of a good customer experience.  To be a successful brand, training alone is not enough.  What is essential is the prompt transfer of learning to actions at the workplace to consistently wow customers so as to create the competitive advantage. Tiptop’s field coaching system provides a structured approach to developing new habits through reinforcing learning on the job and addressing issues faced when inculcating new behaviours.



Service enhancement cannot be a flavour-of-the-month initiative.  Passion and persistent effort of every member in the organisation is critical to building a service culture.  Tiptop can help you design reinforcement mechanisms for regular internal audits and foster continual improvement and breakthroughs in service experience. This will inculcate in individuals to see every touch point as an opportunity to uplift customers’ experience and leave them feeling better about themselves and the brand.


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