The essentials skills of managers

Peter Drucker once said, “The manager is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business.” Yet no one is born a manager. In order to become an effective manager, one must learn from practice and experience. Tiptop can help speed up this learning process. Our management development training helps managers prepare for the change in their roles and equip them with essential skills like leading a team, motivating and coaching team members, and problem solving, in turn helping managers to unleash the potential of their team and enhance overall performance.

Secret weapons for leading teams


  • Introducing the life-stages of teams

  • Optimizing team performance at different life-stages

  • Understanding different types of team players

  • Transforming uncooperative team members

Effective Coaching


  • The roles of managers as Coach

  • Coaching models and styles

  • GROW Coaching cycle: GROW

  • Essential techniques in coaching

  • Difficult situations in coaching

  • Coaching system: tools and follow-up

Positive Thinking and Team Influence


  • The importance of Positive Thinking

  • The Happiness Map

  • Harvard’s 7 golden rules of “Happy at work”

  • Team Influence: Ripple effect and Butterfly effect

Investigating and Solving Problems


  • Define: scope and category

  • Investigate: gather detailed information and apply tools for analysis

  • Analyze: analysis, action planning and decision making

  • Launch action plan

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