Service Management

Change is a constant and everything is now changing quickly: technology, our customers, our workforce, and the market we are in. What remains unchanged is the need to keep customers satisfied and convert them as loyal followers of the brand. This is easier said than done. Tiptop can help you understand market trends and your customers, build the foundation for service management and customer experience management, turn difficult situations with customers into opportunities, and in turn converting more satisfied and loyal customers.

Understanding Customer Experience Management


  • The new trend and challenges of Customer Experience Management

    • New markets, New customers, New teams, New technologies

  • Service management begins by understanding customers

    • 5 gaps between expectation and reality

    • 5 key values of which customer concerns

  • 4 keywords to Customer Experience Management

    • Outside-in

    • Pain Point

    • Gain Point

    • Moments-of-truth

  • 3 essential points of Customer Experience Management

    • Customer Life Stage

    • Customer Journey

    • Customer Sensual Experience

The“A.B.C.”of Service Management


  • A for Auditing

    • Why performance auditing?

    • Micro-analysis: specific and detail

    • Applying assessment tools

  • B for Briefing

    • The SMART formula of target setting

    • Sandwich structure for briefing

    • Follow-up for team targets

  • C for Coaching)

    • Motivational feedback for achievers

    • Educational feedback for under-performers

    • 4F principles of giving feedback

Handling Customer Complaints


  • 7 sins of complaint handling: importance of taking appropriate perspectives

  • Stories behind complaints: exploring the underlying needs of customers

  • Handling emotions before handing solutions

  • From listening to resolving: the 3-step complaint handling technique

  • Responding to angry customers

  • 7 ways to respond to customer dissatisfactions

  • Follow-up after complaints: how to prevent complaints

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