Sales Management

Despite the growing impact of e-commerce, retail staff continue to play an important role in brick-and-mortar stores. Tiptop’s sales training helps you and your team better understand customers’ psychology, needs, wants and behaviours, and be equipped with skills on arousing interest and increasing customers’ desire to purchase to boost sales, and building relationship with customers. Our consultants will share how to demonstrate value of the individual, products and brand through story-telling, and how to use sales data to understand the current situation, set goals and targets, and coach your team for an improved sales performance.

7-step Selling


  • Understanding customer behaviour in the era of consumerism

  • Winning mind-sets of sales person

  • 7-step Selling:Preparation, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Memory, Rapport

  • Do’s and Don’ts in selling



  • Understanding consumer psychology, motives and buying behaviour

  • rising importance of selling values

  • Steps in Story-Selling

  • The essence of a good story

  • How to excel in telling personal, product and brand stories

Analysing sales data and managing targets


  • The true meaning of retail target management

  • 4 steps in analysing KPIs

  • Applying Fishbone technique to explore causes

  • Process of target management

  • 3 principles in the follow-up of targets

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