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Understanding self and teams by MBTI

Disputes and conflicts in many cases come from misunderstanding. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator),originated from Jungian psychology, is a powerful that differentiates differences of people on motivation, information intake, decision making, and working pattern. In the MBTI workshop, you will learn how to use the MBTI tools to understand yourself and your teammates better and so to foster greater understanding and communication. With greater understanding, you will be more equipped to design workspace and culture that caters the needs of different “types” so to unleash the potential of all employees.


  • Introducing MBTI: what are types?
  • Energy: Extraverts and Introverts
  • Perception: Sensing and Intuition
  • Decision making: Thinking and Feeling
  • Style of work: Judging and Perceiving
  • Motivating different types
  • Formulating personal development plans

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