Excelling in the workplace

To be effective at work, you need to have good interpersonal relationships, be good in time and people management, and be adept in team communication; amongst others. Tiptop’s career development training helps you and your team members build a strong foundation in understanding self and others, managing performance, and communicating effectively; to continue to learn and grow so as to better face new challenges in the workplace.

Understanding self and teams by MBTI


  • Introducing MBTI: what are types?

  • Energy: Extraverts and Introverts

  • Perception: Sensing and iNtuition

  • Decision making: Thinking and Feeling

  • Style of work: Judging and Perceiving

  • Motivating different types

  • Formulating personal development plans

Manage your time and achieve your targets


  • The enemies of time management

  • SMART goals

  • Finding the leverage point: 80/20 principles

  • Planning: making targets manageable

  • Organizing: managing actions and resources effectively

  • Prioritizing works

Interpersonal skills and communication


  • Importance of Interpersonal skills

  • Ice-breaking with strangers

  • How to show your good intent

  • Building meaningful relationship with others

  • Articulated your communication: how not to be aggressive

  • Refusing others without hard feeling

  • Do’s and don’ts in maintaining a long-term relationship

Public Speaking and Presentation


  • How to craft an attractive topic?

  • The KISS principle, bridging and connection

  • Skills drills: micro-analysis

  • S.A.D.E. way of persuasion

  • Enhancing interaction by questions and responses

  • Do’s and Don’ts in Presentation

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